The Centre for Northern Families Daycare

The Centre for Northern Families (CNF) Daycare is licensed to serve up to twenty-two children; eight children aged eight to twenty-four months, and fourteen children aged two to five years.

The daycare provides childcare through full- and part-time registered user-pay spaces, user-pay drop-in space, and free respite spaces. User-paid drop-in and free respite are provided depending on availability.

All daycare programming is structured to build developmental assets.  Topics of children’s interest explored through weekly and daily routines provide children in the daycare with activities designed to provide opportunities for developmental skill-building.

Regular use of the Nipissing Developmental Screening Tool informed teachers of areas where extra emphasis on certain activities would benefit children.  Learning objectives for our program are developed based on The Early Development Instrument and associated research.

Healthy Baby and Healthy Toddler Clubs

The Centre for Northern Families offers an integrated continuum of support services to women from conception and through the first six years with funding from the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (Public Health Agency of Canada) and the Healthy Children’s Initiative (Department of Education, Culture and Employment). Our programming is structured around building parenting capacity and developmental assets.

The Early Development Index used to assess Kindergarten aged children has resulted in comprehensive research on the importance of supporting early childhood development to improve long-term outcomes.

Annual, monthly and daily program plans ensure that each of the five areas of early development are addressed and that parents are supported to meet their children’s developmental needs.